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It’s kind of a normal thing for guys not to wear shirts while swimming. We guys can choose to wear a shirt or not while swimming. Most men go shirtless when they go swimming, it’s just a normal thing. My thoughts are, that there’s no problem with guys going shirtless while swimming. My chest is hairy, and I still go shirtless when I swim. Let’s rearrange the thinking. Guys don’t wear tights under their shorts. They wear shorts over their tights. Ok, confused? The main garment is the tights or leggings. Women at the gym mostly just wear tights or leggings all by themselves. Both men and women like the comfort of tights. They are like a second skin. They have compression which helps with muscle pain and fatigue. They are more comfortable than wearing sweat pants or running pants. Now to the shorts over the tights. Women are fine with wearing tights alone at the gym and wearing them to the store after the gym or stopping to get coffee.

Pa Helmets Philadelphia Eagles 2023 T-shirt

T-shirts to minimize their chests and backs from being burned. Swim shorts, because they’re thinking of going in the water. What else would they wear if they had to wear something? Yes guys still wear shorts. I see guys in shorts now all the time. The weather is warming and I’ve seen lots of guys in shorts. I’ve been wearing shorts now for about 2 weeks. Sure my legs are pale and hairy, cause they haven’t seen the sun for several months. It was so cold this winter, I didn’t wear shorts. I noticed more guys are wearing shorts that are above the knees. I’ve got several pairs of shorts that go above the knees.

Pa Helmets Philadelphia Eagles 2023 T-s Ladies den-min

Men on the other hand don’t want to be walking around with the bulge of their junk showing. So it’s shorts over tights. It’s not a fashion statement. It’s “I don’t want people staring at my junk statement.” I have worn tights alone while bicycle riding. But nobody notices. Other times I wear an extra-long T-shirt. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – it’s entirely up to the individual woman. Some women feel more comfortable and confident in swim shorts, while others prefer a more traditional one-piece swimsuit. Ultimately, it’s important that you choose whatever style makes you feel your best when swimming.

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