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Antioxidants. Vitamin C and E work together as a potent antioxidant combination, fighting off free radicals that break down cells and cause damage. Retinoids. Vitamin A, or retinoids, increase cell turnover, stimulate the production of new proteins and control hyperpigmentation. Peptides. Peptides are also great ingredients to use on the neck and decollete since they support collagen and elastin. AHAs. Alpha Hydroxy acids are used to promote exfoliation to smooth out the texture of damaged skin. Certain retinoids, including retinol, and alpha hydroxy acids can cause more sensitivity to the sun, so consider extra caution to protect these areas. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a treatment used to even skin tone for discoloration, which makes it a top choice for those with sun damage. The light energy used creates heat and gets absorbed by the color or pigment in the skin to destroy the unwanted pigment and eliminates from the body. The heat generated from IPL also helps to stimulate collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If the texture is the top concern, then resurfacing lasers would be the treatment of choice. The most common of the resurfacing lasers are fractionated devices that heat portions of the skin until the proteins are coagulated and eventually removed. A combination of IPL and resurfacing lasers have become increasingly popular, as it gives the best of both worlds by attacking both color and texture. With all laser treatments, the provider must be careful to adjust settings according to the thinner skin of the neck and decollete.

Houston Astros Justin Verlander Al Comeback Player Of The Year shirt

Tech-neck is a term used to describe the lines and wrinkles formed in the neck area by continually looking down at a computer, phone, or tablet. Most people tend to slouch over creating lines and wrinkles in the neck and chest. The best way to prevent tech-neck is to be mindful of posture while using your devices. The emphasis should always be on prevention. When it comes to the skin, this means sun protection comes first. Most people are aware of the importance of using sunscreen on the face, but many don’t think to apply sun protection to the neck and chest. Protecting your face and your neck and decollete is crucial. Avoiding the sun, and covering these sensitive areas with clothing or wearing wide brim hats are great options as well. Another means of preventing wrinkles, especially on the chest, is sleeping on your back rather than on your side.

Houston Astros Justin Verlander Al Comeback Player Of The Year s Sweater

Extrinsic factors are responsible for about 85 percent of the skin’s aging process, with sun exposure being the primary cause of skin damage. Excess sun exposure causes the proteins, collagen, and elastin in the skin to break down, weakening its support structure, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage also leads to the formation of hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and redness on the skin’s surface. Other lifestyle factors that impact the appearance of the neck and decollete include a poor diet, smoking, stress, and lack of sleep. The amount of sleep a person gets matters for overall skin function, however, the way one sleeps can also affect its appearance. For women sleeping on one’s side can create deep wrinkles on the chest to form because of the skin continually being pushed together. Smokers tend to show more damage in these areas as well due to the production of free radicals that attack cells and cause injury, as well as lack of circulation.

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